Susan Franklin believes that every persons story has value. Her passion is producing family and personal history projects that will be treasured for generations.
Susan is a designer, video editor and photographer. Her creativity and passion for telling your story will produce memories that warm the hearts of everyone who sees them.

susan franklin
Siobhan Frankforth is a supporter of ALZcommunication. Shiobhan's personal journey as a caregiver for her mother has given her valuable insights into the value of communicaton and connection. Siobhan firmly believes that all dementia patients have the ability to feel, recognize, and participate in their lives.
siobhan frankforth
Chuck Easler is a supporter of ALZ Communication. Chucks’ personal journey as a caregiver for his mother has given him valuable insights into the value of communication and connection. He is an Emmy Award winning, producer/director of programming for television and innovative content for the internet. He is the co-author of book, “The Power to Connect. Strategies for communication that get results.”
chuck easler
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